SRAM’s Eagle and Reverb Get the AXS Electronic Treatment.

SRAM’s top tier XX1 and XO1 groupsets and the Reverb dropper get the AXS electronic treatment after a five year development period.

Electronic or wirless shifting and dropper actuation aren’t brand new, but SRAM are quick to point out that there’s more to their XX1 and XO1 AXS setups than simply making them shift with no wires.

There’s subtle tweaks that will hopefully trickle down to non-AXS and other groupsets as time goes on.

SRAM XX1 and XO1 Eagle AXS.

If you can get around the ever-lengthening acronyms and you’re an electronic shifting fan, then SRAM’s new top tier cross country and enduro-focused groupsets might well be the ticket.

XX1 gets a Ti hardware, a carbon cage and a rainbow effect on the cassette to keep things low weight and super pimp, while XO1 gets the more run-of-the-mill alloy and stainless setup.

You get a shorter cage on the new derailleurs, giving 10mm more ground clearance, and the whole mech sits further forward compared to the mechanical system. The clutch comes with an overload that allows the mech to move out the way of a strike to return back to position.

With no cables, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you never have to thread an internal cable ever again.

The AXS system has three ‘Touch Points’ for gear up, gear down and dropper actuation. You can decide which of these three points does what depending on your preferences. The AXS app allows you to fine tune your setup too. Batteries are interchangeable and pressure washer-safe with each one lasting 20 hours, with a shut-off for when the bike is stationary.

Stans Flow EX3Stans flow EX3

A full XX1 Eagle AXS groupset (chainset, cassette, rear derailleur, chain and shifter) will set you back £1,950.00, with the XO1 equivalent coming in at £1900.00.

Reverb ASX.

Like the groupsets above, the Reverb ASX is more than just a dropper with a wireless actuation. Rockshox have taken the opportunity to tweak the design further, making it better on the trail, last longer and be easier to service.

An all new single bolt head with an extra bolt for angle adjust keeps thing simple and secure. A new lower friction IFP is designed to make for faster actuation and less force required to start the post moving.

New Vent Valve Technology solves the problem of oil/air mix and the need for frequent services by making it simpler to service the post at home.

The Reverb ASX will be available in 30.9, 31.6 and 34.9mm diameters; 100, 125, 150 and 170mm drops; 340, 390, 440 and 480mm lengths, and will set you back the princely sum of £700.00

Full details on the new SRAM and Rockshox ASX wireless electronic kit can be found on SRAM’s website.


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