DarkFEST is back and you can catch up with the week three build recap here to see what Nico Vink and Clemens Caudela have been up to.

Nico and Clemens have been back in the diggers in South Africa to create a fresh, and massive, DarkFEST course. This week, the first riders hit the course after some minor tweaks following Sam Reynolds hitting the ground like a sack of sh*t.

Photos by Eric Palmer.

Week 3 has had some final touch ups after some testing the lower part of the line, after Sam’s crash Clemens made some minor changes to the lip to send you slightly further forward.

A little more rain has come through and helped settle all the dry moon dust. We couldn’t ask for more perfect timing for it and it’s compacted the jumps and run ins perfectly, almost turning it to concrete once it dried.

The best times for riding are normally early morning and late afternoon, but unfortunately after many early mornings up and padded up, the wind picked up and ended any chance to test these beasts safely.

Stans Flow EX3Stans flow EX3

This means we are going into week 4 with very little testing time and with all the boys arriving late in the week means that the test sessions are going down with everyone here. Making friends with these beasts is not for the faint hearted and even these crazy riders we have here are taking it slow and giving these giant jumps the respect they deserve.

We can’t wait for the sessions to start going crazy, all the boys are too excited after seeing the course. Hopefully the weather comes to the party and lets them fly!

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