Granite Design Stash Tubeless Repair Kit | Everything You Need to Know.

Following on from the launch of their Stash Chain Tool, Granite Designs Stash Tubeless Repair Kit aims to let you keep everything you need in your bars.

The Granite Design Stash Tubeless Repair Kit, in conjunction with their Stash Chain Tool is is designed to make use of the empty space in your bars and keep your pack light. If you’re at Sea Otter, you’ll be able to see these in the flesh.

Key features:

  • AL6061 construction
  • 35g (incl. side cap)
  • Fitting: Open-end grip or lock-on grip
  • £15.99 RRP
  • Availability: May 2019

Merida eOneSixtyMerida eOneSixty

The Granite Design Stash Tubeless Repair Kit weighs at only 35 grams, stashes away inside your handlebar, ready for the unexpected. It’s so small and invisible; you’ll forget you have the kit until you need it.

Stash Tubeless Repair Kit includes a tire reamer, a tire fork, and tire plugs (2 sets of 1.5mm / 2 sets of 3.5mm). The kit also comes with 2 end cap sizes to allow seamless installation with open-end grips or lock-on grips.

Check out all the Granite Designs on bike storage and Stash range on their website here.

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