Live to Ride | Coronacoaster Ep 8 | Sam Hodgson.

Live to Ride’s Coronacoaster heads to the Isle of Wight to catch up with part-time farmer and full time builder and slopestyle rider Sam Hodgson.

Taking his work ethic from his Dad, a farmer, and after visiting Whistler, Sam Hodgson knew he’d need to get busy to create his own version of the Canadian bike paradise in his garden.

Photos by Kieran Kenney.

Want to see front flips on a trail bikes? Double flips & 720’s on the slope bike? Buckle up because this one gets wild. In this episode of Live To Ride we hang out with Sam Hodgson on the Isle of Wight where he runs a MTB trail centre and has his own Slopestyle training compound.

Sam Hodgson is perhaps one of the most undiscovered riders in the UK, at just 20 years old he has a huge bag of tricks on his hardtail and he isn’t afraid of a big huck on his trail bike.

A little about our friendship with Sam.. we first met back when we filmed with Blake Samson, at the time he was a little 15 year old dude who clearly loved sending big jumps and didn’t mind crashing HARD. Jump 5 years later and not much has changed. During the filming of this edit we had so many jaw dropping moments. Sam pushed himself so hard that by the end of the three day shoot he was left absolutely empty.

During the week Sam works delivering meat for the family farm business, called the Isle of Wight Meat Co they supply many families and restaurants across the 380km² island. Sam recognises how lucky he is having such a large space for the bike trails.

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“Ive been locked in this space but to be honest if I was to be locked in any space I’d choose here, it’s given me a chance to ride every day, build everyday. No pressure from competitions has been great and I’ve just been having fun and pushing myself..” – Sam Hodgson

The farm is also home to the Isle of Wight MTB Centre, a small bike park which opens on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays and is one of the only official spots on the island for mountain biking. The two main trails at the bike park are Blue Steel, a flowy rollable line with multiple line options for beginners and more experienced. Then there’s the Gravity Line, graded both red and black there are multiple options throughout the Whistler inspired line for big air.
“We went to Whistler, and we decided that we wanted a taste of Whistler..” – Sam Hodgson

Sam competes across the UK at the Dirt Wars competitions and enters as many of the FMB events as he can. During lockdown he’s been adding to his training compound, with features like a flat drop, boner log and 9ft tall kicker it is clear he is preparing for anything the competition courses might throw at him.

“Right now having fun on my bike has brought me here having filmed the sickest edit I’ve ever filmed in my life and to be honest I think where I go next will fall into place when it happens. Obviously I’ve got big dreams of riding huge comps and doing huge videos but my priority is just to have fun and enjoying the process..” – Sam Hodgson

Sam’s trick combinations are on par with what you might see at one of the Crankworx Slopestyle events, it’s inspiring to see such a young and passionate rider and we’re excited to see what’s next. With dreams of the big competitions and hopes to compete in the Audi Nine Knights through their video entry it’ll be interesting to see how he gets on in the coming years.

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