Tested : Pete’s Custom SunGod Vulcans FF Review.

Pete got the chance to design his own set of the new SunGod Vulcans FF, one of two new cycling specific designs from the London-based brand.

With a pretty big head on him, Pete opted to test out the larger of the two new cycling-specific sunglasses from SunGod, in the form of the Vulcans FF. Here’s what he made of just shy of a month with these face windows.

Key features:

  • 8KO Nylon lens
  • Poplock screwless hinges
  • Scratch and impact resistant, hydroleophobic lens
  • 100% UV protection
  • Fully customisable
  • £145.00 RRP (as tested)
  • SunGod.co

With eight colour options for the upper and lower lens frame, and the same for the hinge logos and the rear arms, plus ten lens options, including SunGod’s new 8KO lens, I will go out on a limb and say that picking a set I was happy with took a while. That will be the only slow part of this process however.

Once I came across the Matt Mint and Matte Red, finished off with Brushed Red logos and a clear 8KO lens, my very own set of SunGod Vulcans FF glasses were with me the following day. My initial reservations that they would immediately be too big for my head were dismissed immediately. Normally only Asian fit glasses fit my melon but these were comfy from the off.

While I haven’t worn glasses for riding in the past, the return of the rain post-lockdown meant that the Vulcans arrived at a pretty opportune time. More than once they’ve deflected trail debris and the summer’s plant growth meaning they now come out with me more often than not.

Merida Big.Trailtea

Only once have I had any mud coming in behind the lens and that was after a particularly heavy deluge. The massive frames and lens mean the cack is going to have to try pretty hard to find its way in. That said, if you’ve a smaller head, the Velans might be a better option as the Vulcans are pretty hefty.

The coverage has been welcome though, and even with the upper part of the lens not sitting far from my eyebrows, they’ve rarely steamed up, never in their entirety and have been quick to clear as soon as a breeze picks up or you crack on.

These are the first set of riding glasses I have worn that haven’t hurt my head or the tops of my ears, and if you don’t opt for the TF conversion kit, £125 isn’t exactly breaking the bank for a set of fully customisable glasses.

What do we think?

The SunGod Vulcans FF offer a unique style and massive coverage, all fully customisable for not an awful lot of money. The custom option tool is easy to use and delivery is silly fast for custom options.

Despite having been covered in mud and cleaned with the back of a glove or a sleeve, the lenses are still clear of scratches. The massive frame and lens also mean they don’t sit in your field of view.

We love:

  • Coverage
  • Lens doesn’t steam up
  • Quick and easy customisation

Could do better:

  • Massive frame might not suit everyone

Check out the full SunGod vulcans and the rest of their cycling range on their website here.

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