Tested : Ben’s SDG Bel Air 3.0 Lux-Alloy Saddle Review.

The Bel Air from SDG is something of a modern classic, appearing on a wide range of bikes over the past 25 years.

The SDG Bel Air 3.0 aims to build on that base and bring it firmly up to date with a range of modern features and new materials aimed at improving comfort and performance.

Photos by Dave Price.

Key features:

  • Lux-Alloy Rails
  • 8 Colours available
  • Peri-Canal Groove
  • Lightweight EVA Foam
  • £79.95 RRP
  • SDGComponents.com

Buy online at Tweeks Cycles for £79.96.

Available in 8 colours, I chose the purple base to fit on my Vitus Sommet 29 test bike where it stayed for about 4 months of solid testing abuse. First impressions are of a sleek, modern looking saddle, aided by the lack of visible stitching and smooth finish.

The main visible feature is the pressure relieving peri-canal groove that runs the length of the saddle. Other, more subtle features include the raised rear section of the saddle, that SDG say improves seated power transfer and comfort. The underside is a smooth, gloss plastic finish where you also notice another cut out area for improved gusset relief.

Despite all the fancy marketing terms (atomic welds?) and new features, the Bel Air 3.0 feels immediately familiar and comfy. The padding is generous enough and the pressure relieving features all seemed to work together to prevent any unwanted numbness or tingling. At 236 grams it is a competitive weight for an alloy rail saddle as well.

I did some really big days on the purple SDG and basically didn’t notice it, which is a good thing. It seems to be really well made, and after some big crashes and being dropped a few times it basically looks brand new. In the wet and mud, you didn’t slide around on the saddle surface and the only drawback was that the central groove packed full of mud that I had to scrape out mid-ride. There were no creaks from the rails during the test either.

What do we think?

Comfy, good looking and available in a load of different colours, the SDG Bel Air 3.0 is a great option if you are looking for a new saddle.

We Love:

  • Colour options
  • All day comfort

Could Do Better:

  • No width options for individual fit
  • Mud packs in the peri-canal groove

The SDG Bel Air 3.0 Lux-Alloy saddle is available in the UK via Silverfish.

Check out the rest of the SDG Bel Air saddle range on SDG’s website here.

Buy online at Tweeks Cycles for £79.96.

  1. Hi Pete,
    I have a few question about this saddle…
    How much is your sit bones width, did you find this saddle rather small or large?
    Would you recommend it to someone with quite small sit bones width?

    How firm and deep is the padding?
    I have ridden on a Fizik Nisene during more than 10 years and it was just great for my butt. Now I have changed bike, a Cube Stereo 140 SL (2020), the saddle on it was very firm so I changed for an Ergon SM Comp last week which i find quite uncomfortable due to its “angular” shape (the sit bones feel like they don’t sit in the right area, despite the Ergon sizing calculator..). Also the padding is quite firm what amplifies the bad sensation.

    Thanks in advance for your comments !

    1. Hi Christophe,

      Hope you had a good weekend on the bike.

      It was Ben who tested the Bel Air saddle and had this to say:

      “I didn’t measure the saddles but think they are medium or normal as most standard saddles fit me quite well. The only ones that rarely work for me are very flat saddles.
      I would say this is quite a well padded saddle, certainly not firm or harsh.”

      Hope that helps.



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