Mondraker Foxy and Crafty Carbon to Come with Telemetry Devices.

Mondraker’s Foxy and Crafty Carbon bikes will now come fitted with the brand’s own ‘MIND’ telemetry device to get your suspension dialled.

If you part with your hard-earned cash in exchange for a top of the line Mondraker Foxy or Crafty, then you’ll find they come ready-fitted with the Spanish brand’s own suspension telemetry system, MIND. One of the biggest problems riders face is badly set up suspension. Will this be the beginning of all bikes coming with systems to help dial your suspension in?

Not only will MIND help you set your sag, rebound and compression, the GPS built into the unit will record average speed, distance, time and elevation gain. Beyond that, it’ll even calculate your airtime. The battery will record for 20 hours of ride time, or 15 days on standby.

Each unit is unique to each bike, and comes with an alarm and anti-theft devices.

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Find out more on Mondraker’s website here.