Tested : Pete’s Endura MT500 Burner Clipless Shoe Review.

Endura now offer the full head-to-toe setup with their new shoe range and Pete has been giving the MT500 Burners a run out.

Pete has spent the last couple of months running the all-new Endura MT500 Burner Clipless shoes around the hills in some less than pleasant weather. Has Endura’s first foray into the world of MTB shoes hit the mark? Read on to find out.

Photos by Pete Scullion.

Key features:

  • StickyFOOT sole
  • PU upper
  • EGM Insole
  • EVA midsole
  • Reinforced nylon shank
  • Offset cleat box
  • Rounded heel cup
  • UK 5-12 sizes
  • Black, Forest Green, Cocoa, Navy colours
  • £129.99 RRP
  • EnduraSport.com

From the get-go, the new Endura MT500 Burner Clipless shoes seemed to have my current shoe to measure everything against, the Specialized 2FO 2.0 Clip, firmly in its sights. Not only do they have a host of nifty features but they also came in the striking Coral colour that was hard to ignore, even at 1000 yards.

While Endura might be new to the shoe game, their parent company Pentland certainly are not. Having acquired shares in Reebok over fifty years ago, amongst some other high profile shoe interests, the lineage of shoe knowledge is long.

Out of the box, the MT500 Burner Clipless shoes feel right. Low weight thanks to the PU upper and EVA midsole mean that they’re not going to feel like lead weights on your feet, and the cleat box is long to fine tune for your preferences. The cleat plate is also pre-installed so you don’t need to whip the insole out to install it.

One oddity was that the two sets of laces provided were both half fitted. Meaning you had to take one and out relace the other half of the shoe before heading out on the trails. A minor inconvenience at best but a strange choice. I’d opt to stick with the coral laces as they were set in the bottom loops already.

Riding a Euro 41 shoe, the fit was snug without being tight. I have a skinny foot and felt quite at home in these. The heel cup is a welcome addition and often left out of a lot of riding shoes, making pushing or hike-a-bikes pretty unpleasant. Not the case with the MT500s. While the EGM insole sports some interesting tech, it seemed less noticeable than the features, say, in the 2FO Roost Canvas flats I tested, but that didn’t seem to be a bad thing.

On the pedals, the MT500 Burners feel far stiffer than the 2FO 2.0s, and maybe a touch more than the Fizik Gravita Tensors. The result, however is that they feel like they put the power down better than the Specialized offerings but are better for shoving your bike up the side of a mountain than the Fiziks. Miles better in fact.

In full hike-a-bike mode, the StickyFOOT Dura heel and toe rubber do an excellent job of keeping your feet where you put them, regardless of mud, rock or root. I am a big fan of hours of hike-a-bike for a sheer plummet of a descent, so I definitely feel like the shoe is well suited for a good walk with a bike.

The upper and sole have shown little sign of the use they’ve had, proving able to shrug off pedal strikes, being thrown in the back of the car at the end of a ride, while also being able to dry quickly and not open the floodgates when shown the slightest dampness.

It did take me a while to fine-tune my cleat position on the MT500 Burners. Set at the ‘4’ mark on the sole they felt toe-heavy and at ‘5’ they felt too far back. You’d think that somewhere in the middle would have worked but that didn’t prove to be the case. Once I did find the mark (just rearward of ‘4’), which was more about being used to another shoe more than anything, the long cleat slot helped guide my foot in every time.

What do we think?

We’d hard pushed to find anything that would put us off paying money for the MT500 Burner Clipless pedal. The laces thing is odd but no reason to not. If you want a solid shoe that will perform in all riding and weather conditions, bar your extremes of both, then Endura’s first foray into the world of riding shoes will serve you well.

We love:

  • All day comfort
  • Durable upper and outer
  • Great all-round performance

Could do better:

  • Don’t lace two sets of laces into the shoe

You can check out the full Endura shoe range on their website here.