You Can Pre-Order Geoff Waugh’s Dirty Jerseys Book Now.

All of the crazy stories from the history of mountain biking are all contained within Geoff Waugh’s ‘Dirty Jerseys – the Art and Speed of MTB Clothing Volume 1’ book.

The long-awaited Dirty Jersey book from legendary MTB snapper Geoff Waugh has arrived and is available for pre-order.

You can pre-order Dirty Jerseys – the Art and Speed of MTB Clothing Volume 1 here.

Ever wondered what made freerider Dave Watson jump his bike over the Tour de France? Or how Deadly Nedly Overend won the USA version of the World Champs?

Perhaps you were around when World Cup photographers wore purple vests and thought ‘what’s all that about? And why purple?’

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Well, the answers to these questions and many more are to be found in a new book called ‘Dirty Jerseys – the Art and Speed of MTB Clothing Volume 1’.

Written and photographed by Geoff Waugh, Dirty Jerseys is a series of stories recalling epic tales of riding from riders across the MTB spectrum; from World Cup Elites through to grass roots racers. It’s not about a World Championship jersey that was awarded on the podium (although there are some in there) but about the jersey the rider wore when they rode to that podium win.

Tales of struggles, fails, repairs, crashes… all the bits that make mountain biking addictive.
Dirty Jerseys is a hardback coffee table book containing over 120 pages printed on lustre paper and features a foreward by the grandaddy of MTB himself, Mr Gary Fisher.

Available to pre order now, the book is expected to be shipping end of February, early March.