Trash Free Trails Open Applications for their Citizen Science Training.

Trash Free Trails Empowers Communities to Tackle Single-Use Pollution through Novel Citizen Science Training Programme.

Trash Free Trails have opened applications for nine spots for their upcoming Citizen Science Training Programme. Deadline for applications is March 8th 2024.

Apply to be part of the Trash Free Trails Citizen Science Training Programme here.

Read the full press release below.

Photo by Joby Newson.

Trash Free Trails, a not-for-profit lobbying against single-use pollution, are expanding their research programme, and seeking outdoor community groups to help. The Citizen Science Training programme launched this month will be accepting up to 9 groups from across the UK to undergo a unique online and in person training course. Trash Free Trails will support the groups carrying out vital work to monitor the amount of single-use pollution in their local green spaces.

The programme is open to applications of groups no larger than 10 based in the UK. Trash Free Trails welcome groups representing all ages and relationships to the outdoors – from local run clubs to friends of the local park, all are encouraged to apply. Applications may be submitted via the Trash Free Trails website until March 8th.

Groups, varying from Trail Associations to local running communities, will receive a blend of digital and in person training to learn more about Trash Free Trails research, before undertaking their own monitoring and surveying of litter in their local areas. The programme will see local groups, small businesses and community centres, and Trash Free Trails ambassadors come together in the hope that by improving knowledge of the impact single-use pollution is having, a sustained reduction in the amount being found can be established.

Conceptualised as part of the State of Our Trails Report, a leading study by Trash Free Trails on the causes, prevalence, composition and effects of single-use pollution (litter) on recreational trail and green space ecosystems, this new programme will see local people undertaking a two year study to assess the impacts single-use pollution is having.

The State of Our Trails Report, released in November last year, estimates over 9 million pieces of single-use pollution could be found on UK public rights of way. Trash Free Trails are tirelessly undertaking further research to improve the ‘academic blindspot’ we have on the state of litter in the UK. This new programme will implement a nationwide study, led by local communities taking up the title of ‘Citizen Scientists’.

Citizen Science is not only really in vogue in the notforprot landscape, its also a vital piece of the research puzzle that needs embracing says Trash Free Trails CEO Dom Ferris. ‘By empowering local people to improve their knowledge of whats happening in their green spaces, we can not only expand the scale of the data were collecting, but provide practical solutions on how to take action too.’

Apply to be part of the Trash Free Trails Citizen Science Training Programme here.