UPDATED : Red Bull Hardline to Go Ahead Without the Gap of Doom?

We’re hearing reports that the new scaffolding canyon gap at this year’s Red Bull Hardline apparently won’t feature in this year’s race.

Publicity stunt or coming to their senses? This weekend’s 10th anniversary Red Bull Hardline won’t include the canyon gap that Jim Monro had his rather sickening crash on.

According to our source, the new top section will be used, with the old track linked in with a section that will be fixed for practice. Whichever way you cut it, we can’t help but feel that this is a sensible decision.

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UPDATE – check Adam Brayton’s vlog (1:25) below. Word from Bernard Kerr it that Gee didn’t want a net, but Kerr and Red Bull did. They couldn’t get one made in time so the canyon gap got cut. It may well return for next year though.