First look – Urge’s new ‘All Mountain’ helmet

I popped over to Decade-Europe‘s roadshow on Monday night. It was a super chilled affair just up the road and was a million miles from the mental, crowdgasm that you usually get at the industry shows. Decade have some super-cool brands and were showing off their latest 2013 goodies to get us warmed up for the new year.

Listen to Decade’s Craig Groves talk about the new Urge helmet.

The first highlight of Decade’s bash was the brand new ‘All Mountain’ helmet from Urge. This is a totally new one for Urge and is the evolution of the Urge Enduromatic.

Urge were aware that the Enduromatic was super popular … but also that people thought that the design made it look like it should be pretty hot. So – Urge have invented a new lid and added a heap of massive vents to cut the weight and the temperature right down.

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To make sure the All Mountain meets the safety standards Urge have added a nifty alloy sub-frame which runs throughout the shell of the helmet.

There’s also a pretty unique strap system that Urge think will do away with the need for a Roc-loc style adjustment system and keeps the weight down to just 300g.

The All-M keeps the flexi peak and one-of-a-kind styling that we’ve all taken a marmite-like interest in since they were launched.

Thanks to Decade Europe for their hospitality. You can check out the Urge site here.
For Twitter hit up @urgebikeproduct