Our MTBalternative to the Queen’s speech!

Psst! The Queen’s speech starts at 3PM – fancy something else to watch?

Happy Christmas! By now you should be knee deep in wrapping paper, your grandpa (bless him) should be snoring away and your belly should be full to bursting with Christmas dinner. Everyone should be at that perfect balance where they’re so full of food and booze that hostilities are calming down nicely.

Now – 3PM marks the tradition of the Queen’s Speech. A chance to hear what the our wise monarch has planned for the new year and what she wishes we would all do a bit more of. Usually it’s more “be nice to each other” and less “be mean to each other”.

Far be it from us to encourage you tune out on old HRH … but if you fancy some alternative viewing here’s a few hand picked videos to see you through.  Enjoy!

rad videos anyone-

The Dirt Shed Show Christmas special is here, starring Manon, Brenclaw, Sam Pilgrim and more! 

Rob Warner and Soho Bikes just dropped the MTB version of Saturday night live! If you’re not watching the Queen of the British Empire you might as well watch the King of MTB right?!

Spotted over on NSMB – it’s RAD Santa!

And another NSMB musical treat – MTB Christmas carols anyone?!

Santa goes off-road with the Southern Enduro Series crew! We LOVE this one!

Need some inspiration for new year’s riding plans? We’d suggest you give Exmoor a shot, it’s brilliant. Don’t miss the DMREx enduro later in 2016!

I usually get a chocolate orange for Christmas – Phil Atwill got an Orange Crush – this video went MAD this week and rightly so. It’s amazing. The Queen would love it I reckon.

God Bless Christmas. And Emily Batty.

SDG Tellis V2 Dropper Leaderboard

Speaking of crushing it – our lad Joel Anderson’s Loose Rider’s vid from this week is insanely good. Seen it yet? You can see the rest of his videos here.

Back in 1998 (I think I was a year late) I got Alex Rankin and Milan Spasic’s Sprung for Christmas from a mate – it blew my mind. It used to be an annual Christmas Day tradition to watch Sprung whilst the dinner was cooking and get stoked on what Rankin and Spasic had created. Here’s the full film for you!

And here’s Sprung 2 …

And 3 … which is amazing. This film IS old school Steve Peat in his rockstar GT cali days. Who hasn’t tried to have a party like Palmer’s in this video?!

And 4.

The snow is falling in Les Arcs and Vincent Pernin is out shredding.

And here’s a happy holidays from Giant with Reece Wallace, Josh Carlson and Yoann Barelli!

If you’re more about the road less-traveled, this 15 minute adventure story set in the high mountains of Georgia will be a fine alternative to her Maj.


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