2017 Whyte Vallelujah Enduro | Event Preview.

2017 sees the return of Tweedlove and the Whyte Vallelujah Enduro on top of the massive amount of events and races in and around Peebles.

The Whyte Vallelujah bolsters the already strong enduro offering for Tweedlove’s 2017 race and event schedule. Landing considerably earlier than the other enduro offerings, Vallelujah gives racers the chance to hone their skills and go for the Triple Crown at the same time.

Pete has had a rummage through the archives and the latest event information to bring you everything you need to know about the 2017 Whyte Vallelujah Enduro.

Opening moves.

Last year’s Vallelujah was dogged by some traditional Spring weather, but in true form, everyone knuckled down and got on with the job in hand, created a fabulous atmosphere and a fantastic race. Come March 25th and 26th, we could see a mirror image of events. Let’s pray for some better weather though, right?

So what should you expect this year? Entries are now full and closed, but here’s what to look forward too if you have an entry in.

The Tracks.

The event organisers have been tight-lipped about which trails they will be using to keep practice to Saturday only. With a wealth of options at their disposal you can only imagine the number of combinations. Even the inclusion of a single section Gold Run at Innerleithen could see a mind-boggling array of lines to tape, with even more to ride between them. Even the locals won’t be too sure until Saturday morning rolls around.

What you can be sure of is a solid dollop of natural and fresh cut sections to keep you on your toes all weekend. Everyone knows that these sections can be unrecognisable when you get to them on Sunday, so you’ll need to keep your wits about you and get good at riding what’s in front of you.

This year’s course has been specifically chosen with a sustainable and responsible approach to trail use. Last year the weather had a major impact on the event, and on the trails… So the course has been chosen to try to minimise the potential impact should we get the same weather, and each stage will contain both natural and more ‘weatherproof’ trail surfaces.

Vallelujah will be easier than the other two Triple Crown races, but we can guarantee a tough physical challenge to get it kicked off. All the stages will need some pedalling and they all have some sweet natural descents. It’s not the longest or steepest event we’ve done, but everyone will feel it and there’s some great flow and really fun tracks. It should be a great opener for the season, and hopefully the choice of trails will work for both riders and trail impact.

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What to bring.

Racing in Scotland in March can be glorious but then again, it can also be horrendous, as last year’s event proved. So on that basis I’d advise packing plenty of warm clothes and waterproofs. If you’re packing a full face then check out Rich Thomas’ tips for setting up your lid for wet weather here.

You’re maybe wondering what tyres to run. Team Wideopenmag’s current top favourite is Continental Der Barons for the weekend, something with plenty of grip and good in the mud. This is the perfect time of the year to run these front and back. Depending on the amount of trail centre used though there might be a switch to a Der Kaiser on the back to get that extra rolling speed.

We’d recommend a tyre which clears mud out front though!

Food and accommodation.

Your best bet, should you not have fully bought into #vanlife or have a mate’s sofa to sleep on is to have a look at the dedicated page on Tweedlove’s site that includes their official event partner, MacDonald Hotels, plus all the other local options.

For those party animals, sadly The Keg on Peebles’ high street is no longer but there’s plenty of good pubs about to let your hair down and get your excuses in for the following day of racing. The Glentress Peel Cafe will be staying open late on the night of the 25th for their ‘Peel Pasta Party’ where they’ll be showing some videos while you stuff your face.

Event HQ will be based at the Peebles Hydro, a new venue for 2017.


The Whyte Vallelujah Enduro looks set to be another cracking event for those looking to pit themselves against the clock early in the year, beat their mates and have a stab at the Triple Crown. This event also kicks off 4 months worth of events in the Tweed Valley, so expect a lot of noise to be coming out of here over the longer days.

You can check out all the details for the up coming 2017 Whyte Vallelujah Enduro over on their website.

Fancy a shot at the Triple Crown? You’ll need to race this, the Shimano International Enduro and the King and Queen of the Hill for a shot at the title.