How much goes into organising an international level race these days? Well, Chris Ball, director of the Enduro World Series has the answer.

In a very interesting Facebook post, the former World Cup rider and director of the Enduro World Series, Chris Ball, put down the stats on what was an amazing year at the sharp end of enduro racing.

Here’s the full, unedited post from the man himself:

“And a 5th year and 5th visit to Finale comes to a close. So why not end the year on some stats, as everyone loves a stat. Here goes. I’ve often said enduro is a monster, and forum commentators and riders often ask why we don’t do more. Here’s some perspective for you from this weekend.”


The EWS video output took 98 hours of film, 51 hours of presenting/producing, 90 hours of editing, 8 cameras, 1 quad, 2 4×4’s, 1 drone equalling 532.2Gb of useable, logged and tagged film and 5636 photographs totalling 225.4gb compressed into 8 online videos, 1 TV show and 6 photo galleries.

Add 2 press releases in 4 languages to 16,000 recipients. Added to +30,000 emails about various event updates. Not including the 7692 words Kate wrote in the Race Feed over 166 individual posts.

We had 47 hours of solid on-stage live MCing by 2 MCs, 88 ambulance standby hours, 136 marshals and mountain rescue staff, 2 doctors, 1 nurse and 16 medics covering 2 race days and 7 stages.

32 timing staff days, 800 timing chips, 15 timing upload stations, 150 GPS units, 95 radios, 400 riders, 83 accredited journalists, 22 shuttle buses for liaison stage 1 doing 3 laps each, 2-3 media shuttle buses running for 5 days, 8 Audio-visual staff, 5880 racing hours, 46 trophies and 42 bottles of podium champagne. The after party consumed 45 kegs of beer via 3 bars and 1 DJ.

The course marking team used 2000 marking arrows over 120km of course, 700 poles and 28km of course marking tape. They drove 800km and blew up 1 motorbike over 4 days, broke one toe and worked on average 16 hours per day equaling 32 working days and 512 hours of course marking with the latest finish at 3am.

After 5 years, 38 EWS rounds and the 5th Finale everyone here, in the spiritual home of the EWS, is as amazing as always and so to celebrate we hosted the 1st EWS Gala dinner for 123 guests each eating 4 courses and receiving 12 more awards.

Hats of to the Enduro World Series for another amazing year. Maybe sort the weather for 2018 though, yeah?


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