Would You Ride the Fort William 4X Track at Night?

ASM Racing’s Euan Rossi takes on the Fort William 4X track at a slightly different time of day to usual. Should we make night 4X a thing?

You need to have some bigger plums than most to ride the Fort William 4X track and even more so if you’re doing it with the help of floodlights in the middle of the night. ASM Racing‘s main man Euan Rossi tackles the beast after darkness falls.

We’re almost exactly a month out from the 4X ProTour heading to Fort William for the series’ opening round. The track has been spruced up by the Nevis Range team and looks to be another great track for some elbow-to-elbow racing.

Check out Euan’s 4X ProTour preview here.

Merida eOneSixtyMerida eOneSixty

Read our Wise Words interview with the man himself here.

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