Nico Vink’s brainchild LooseFEST XL returns to Malmedy and BikePark Ferme Libert with an updated line and a serious rider list.

If you like watching riders ride jumps that don’t look small on a motocross bike, then get yourself to BikePark Ferme Libert in Malmedy, Belgium for the 18th July, as Nico Vink has been a busy boy.

Photos by Eric Palmer.

When did you start Loosefest and did you ever think it would gain as much attention as it has?

The first edition of Loosefest was in 2014. I was never chasing the idea of the event getting loads of attention. At the time I just wanted to build big jumps and ride them with my Friends / The Fest Crew.

From your first build there, how much has the line changed since the first event?

The first year we only had the first three hits. Its only from the second edition that we had the 90 feet Step-down and the last hip jump.

The first year the last of the three pack was bigger then the first. We could clear the line but it didn’t flow that well.

I made the first and the second set bigger and the third a bit smaller. For the next couple years the Jumps have been growing slowly.

What was the vibe like at the first few events compared to now & how did the riders respond to seeing the line for the first time?

The first year the riders where blown away by the size of the jumps, Now they still are but everyone knows its been ridden before and it flows.

Every other year people are looking more comfortable on them.

How did your partnership with the bikepark there start and how did you convince them to let you build massive jumps that would only get ridden once a year?

The partnership with the Bikepark was actually pretty mellow. I just asked JD if I could build some big jumps on his property and he was super keen.

Usually people are keen at first but then when the see the size of the piles and the amount of dirt we need they start to get worried.

JD was more like, do you need more dirt? Next year we make it bigger? He’s been super supportive from day 1.

You’re running Loosefest XL this year, are we allowed to hear any plans you have to make it even bigger than before?

My plan is to build transfer landings on the first and second set of the line so we can go slightly bigger if we get comfortable on the line.

It will be super rad to see people transfer left to right. I’ll also build a new trick step up for those who want to get extra wild.

So there will be lots of new additions this year for everyone and as always Nico has found a way to make these beasts even bigger, so you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one! Not only the huge jumps to look forward to, Nico has big friends too and the rider list is looking absolutely amazing.

Rider List:

– Andreu Lacondeguy (CAT)

– Kurt Sorge (CAN)

– Graham Aggasiz (CAN)

– Makken Mads Haugen

– Vinny T (FR)

Merida eOneFourtyMerida eOneFourty

– Sam Reynolds (UK)

– Clemens Kaudela (AUT)

– Bas v Steenbergen (CAN)

– Tom v Steenbergen (CAN)

– Tom Reynolds (UK)

– Remy Morton (AUS)

– Jordie Lunn (CAN)

– Adolf Silva (CAT)

– Ethan Nell (USA)

– DJ Brandt (USA)

– Jaxson Riddle (USA)

– Nico Vink (BEL)

– Oscar Harnstrom (SVE)

– Alex Volokhov (CAN)

– Damon Iwanaga (USA)

– Conor Macfarlane (NZ)

– William Robert (FR)

– Gilles De Jong (Bel)

– Kade Edwards

– Kaos Seagrave

– Brendan Fairclough

More details on the 2019 LooseFEST XL event can be found on their Facebook page here.

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