We Chat to Bex Baraona About the Gowaan Gals Ambassadors.

With Bex Baraona and Martha Gill launching an ambassador programme though Gowaan Gals, Pete had to a chat to see what the score is.

Racing full time at home and abroad is no mean feat, especially when you’re running a brand and a festival at the same time. Gowaan Gals Bex Baraona and Martha Gill clearly like a busy schedule and have launched the hunt for ambassadors to fly the Gowaan flag.

Pete had a chat with Bex Baraona to see why they wanted to help foster the champions of the future.

Photos by Lewis Gregory.

How did the ambassador idea come about?

Right from the start we knew at some point we wanted to take on a group of young shredders to help give them the opportunities to go further with their riding. It’s a fun project that we’ve been wanting to do for a while so we are both super excited to get started with it.

Why now?

Running our first festival was the focus in 2019, and after a successful event and along with the continual success of our merchandise, we are now excited to be in the position where we can put the profits into a group of young riders.

What makes someone the ideal Gowaan ambassador?

Someone who is mad for biking, up for trying new things and has a good laugh with it… the “Gowaan Spirit” as we would say. Whether they are into racing, jibbing around, or razzing about the woods with their mates, we’re taking all applicants!

What’s involved in being a Gowaan ambassador?

The riders will be representing our brand and helping us to spread the Gowaan vibe. They will keep doing what they do, ride, have fun, learn & try new things. We are going to have some meet up days where we can all shred together, make some videos, practice some skills and have fun. We are keen to see our ambassadors take on a similar approach to riding that we do.

Orbea Rise ebike

How do you plan to help nurture the future champions that are flying the Gowaan flag?

We will provide them with various types of support, depending on what they want to achieve or focus on in 2020. Each rider’s support will be tailored to them, eg race entries, travel expenses, coaching days etc.

Over the last few years, both Martha and I have learnt heaps from riding and racing all over the world and dealing with the biking industry, we want to be mentors for them, providing guidance and pass our knowledge and experience on to the Gowaan Ambassadors.

What do you want to achieve with the ambassador programme?

World domination of course. We would like to see our riders succeed in their goals and give them that step up. For example, if a rider is keen to try some racing when we take them on and then a few years down the line are hooked and wanting to do an EWS or get an offer from a team with more support, in our eyes, that’s a job well done .

How do you plan to manage this as well as racing full time?

I’m just going to add it to the list of Martha’s Gowaan jobs. I joke, when I’m not racing, I’m putting my time into training, which conveniently has some good amounts of rest between sessions, this is when I get the admin side of stuff done. For our meet ups and coaching days, I’ll be prioritising this over other leisure trips in 2020.

Any plans to expand this further?

We are going to take this slow to see how it unfolds, we are always keen to try new things, last year saw us be event organisers for the first time, so being a team manager will be a walk in the park, right?

On a more serious note, our future plans with Gowaan are to align sponsors for both Martha and myself to continue our EWS racing and content creating, and take our little roster with us.

You can apply to be a Gowaan Gals ambassador by filling in their Google form here.