Cotic Launch Love It or Your Money Back Scheme.

Pete chats to Cotic’s main man Cy Turner about how their ‘Love It or Your Money Back’ scheme wasn’t too far away before the world went mad.

Cotic launched their Love It or Your Money Back scheme last week in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, but as Cy Turner explains, the idea wasn’t far from surfacing anyway.

How important is the Cotic Demo Tour in terms of selling bikes?

Very. Since we started the Demo Tour and Exclusive Demo service nearly 4 years ago, thousands of riders have tried Cotics using the service. In the last year 30% of our sales have demo’d a bike in some way, shape or form.

How long did it take for you to decide to call the tour off?

About 4 hours.

We sent our first Covid19 statement out at lunchtime last Monday (16th March) saying we were continuing the service with suitable pre-cautions. At around 4pm the Prime Minister announced the commencement of Social Distancing, so after that we felt we had to cancel, for everyone’s sake.

It’s so important to minimise any contact with other people at the moment. Have to say that it was a pretty difficult time. The decision was easy, but having just got our heads around one way of doing things, to suddenly have to change tack again so quickly was de-stabilising for everyone. Strange days…

Did you mull any other options over before deciding on the Love It or Your Money Back idea?

Not really, because actually the idea has been rolling around with us for a couple of years, right back to when we decided to go direct sales only in January 2018. It was all about coming up with ideas to encourage people to purchase who were interested in a Cotic, but couldn’t necessarily get on a demo. Mainly it was to do with international sales, but when the UK demo tour had to stop it felt like a tailor made solution.

Will you be actively helping people set up their bikes when they get them to help them love their new purchase in lieu of the demo days?


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We do that anyway. We’re always on the end of a phone or email to help out our customers with their new bikes, and our Droplink user manual also has an extensive general bike setup section and setup chart to write your settings on included in it. However, with the Sam and Darren the demo men grounded and home working, we will definitely be using their expertise to get in touch with customers and helping them out with any questions they might have.

Cotic Women of Steel

Have you changed the process of steering certain riders towards certain bikes based on what info you get from them?

No, the sales process remains the same. You can follow through the website and ‘click buy’, but given that most customers get in touch to talk through their options anyway, that’s not any real reason to change. Because we assemble in the UK, and we have a lot of options to allow people to tailor their bike build, we often help people with the best options for their needs or budget. That’s not new for us.

Do you find that people who are already talking to you about a bike are sold on a Cotic already?

It’s a mix.

Certainly people getting touch talking sizing or specifics like that are usually quite close to a sale and know which product they would like. Others a more top level inquiries, but we hope that most people considering us early in a process of bike buying gets a lot of good information from the website.

Our product pages can seem a bit wordy compared to a lot of websites, but it’s because we want to try and get across as much information as we can to help people make the best choice.

What we are hoping this offer will do is encourage people who might have been considering a Cotic within a list of options, and were planning to demo, to get in touch and get some advice from us about how one of our bikes might work best for them. We’re always keen to talk bikes with people.

Full details on the Cotic Love It or Your Money Back scheme can be found on their website here.

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