2021 Vitus eSommet | Everything You Need to Know.

In line with the updates to the Sommet, the 2021 Vitus e-Sommet gets updated suspension kinematics and Shimano EP8 drive on the top two models.

Vitus’ long travel enduro e-bike gets the refresh that the rest of the range received for 2021, although still with the all-alloy frame, making it an even more attractive proposition for anyone on the hunt for a new whip.

Non studio shots by Laurence Crossman-Ems.

Sporting a mullet setup of 29″ front wheel and 27.5″ rear, 167mm rear wheel travel, Shimano STEPS motors and internal battery storage for a 630 or a 504Wh battery make the new Vitus eSommet’s spec even more impressive.

Greater seatpost insertion makes the size range more versatile, as well as the move to internal batteries may have made the downtube larger, but solves the somewhat Marmite aesthetics of the outgoing eSommet.

Head tube slackens, with less BB drop and a steeper effective seat tube angle, which is now size-specific helps more on the ups as well as the downs. The suspension curve is more consistently progressive too, from 8% to 25%, aimed at improving small bump sensitivity and mid-stroke support.

The eSommet VR will be available immediately, with the VRS and VRX due in January 2021 with the arrival of the new Shimano EP8 motor.

Leatt DBX 4.0 helmet


Small through to XLarge sizes are available, with the medium sporting a 450mm reach, combined with a 410mm seat tube. Chainstay length is fixed at 442mm through the sizes. A 64 degree head angle out front is combined with an effective seat tube angle of 77 degrees.

2021 Vitus eSommet models

Vitus eSommet VR

Key features:

  • X-Fusion Trace 36 RC 170mm fork
  • X-Fusion O2 Pro 2 shock
  • Shimano Deore 11-speed drive
  • Shimano MT520 brakes 4-piston brake
  • WTB ST Light i30 rims on Vitus KT Hubs
  • Brand X Ascend dropper
  • Shimano E7000 motor
  • Shimano E8035 504Wh battery
  • £3,599.99 RRP

Vitus eSommet VRS

Key features:

  • Rockshox Zeb Select RC 170mm fork
  • Rockshox Super Deluxe Select R shock
  • Shimano SLX 12-speed drive
  • Shimano SLX 4-piston brake
  • DT Swiss H1900 wheels
  • Brand X Ascend dropper
  • Shimano EP8 motor
  • Shimano E8036 630Wh battery
  • £4,799.99 RRP

Vitus eSommet VRX

Key features:

  • Rockshox Zeb Ultimate RC 170mm fork
  • Rockshox Super Deluxe Select + RT shock
  • Shimano SLX/XT 12-speed drive
  • Shimano XT 4-piston brake
  • DT Swiss H1700 wheels
  • Brand X Ascend dropper
  • Shimano EP8 motor
  • Shimano E8036 630Wh battery
  • £5,499.99 RRP

You can check out the full 2021 Vitus eSommet range on the Vitus website here.