Win a Specialized Stumpjumper EVO in the Winds of Change Raffle.

To raise funds for Protect Our Winter and the Scottish Trail Fund, Manon Carpenter is raffling off a custom Soil Searching Specialized Stumpjumper EVO.

Off the back of her Winds of Change video, Manon Carpenter is giving you the chance to support some awesome causes like Protect Our Winters UK and the Scottish Trail Fund whilst being in with a chance of winning one of only 70 Soil Searching Stumpy EVOs in existence.

You can enter the Winds of Change raffle here.

Following the release of new film ‘Winds of Change’, Manon Carpenter and “Specialized” Soil Searching are raising money to support mountain bike trails in Scotland through the Scottish Trail Fund, which is managed and promoted by Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland, and systemic action on climate change to protect the outdoor spaces we love with Protect Our Winters UK.
For every £5 donation, you will earn one chance to win this very special Soil Searching Limited Edition Stumpjumper Evo. Only 70 of these unique bikes exist in the world and are exclusively for trail advocates and fundraisers.

Each entry increases your chance at winning and proceeds will be divided equally between the Scottish Trail Fund and Protect Our Winters UK. This raffle is open to anyone of age 18 and over living in mainland Great Britain.

Winds of Change is a film which highlights the impact of severe storms which hit the UK in the winter of 2021-22 on mountain biking communities, and the huge recovery effort to re-establish access to their highly valued trail network. The film explores how these communities are adapting to a more extreme climate in an effort to secure resilient trails, and landscapes for the future.

Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland played a key role in helping re-establish trails lost through storm damage, and continues to support the growing number of trail associations across Scotland. Unique in the United Kingdom, Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland is an organisation that supports the sustainable growth of mountain biking across all areas of the mountain biking community, and we hope that one day similar initiatives will spread into other countries of the UK, to help the many existing groups who are working to support mountain biking into the future.

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Photo by Saskia Dugon.

Protect Our Winters UK is a charity which focuses on achieving systemic solutions to climate change, and works to help our passionate outdoor communities join this mission and become effective climate advocates. Through education and empowerment of individuals, close work with outdoor businesses, and engaging directly with policymakers, Protect Our Winters UK is pushing hard to get our voices heard and protect the places we love.

Winds of Change is a Specialized Soil Searching film directed by Manon Carpenter and Tommy Wilkinson, produced by DWACO content studio who are based in Northumberland National Park, situated a few hundred yards below Simonside, a forest massively impacted by the storms.

Find out more about the Scottish Trail Fund here, and how to take systemic action on climate change through Protect Our Winters UK here.

Soil Searching is the global trail advocacy program at Specialized Bicycles to recognise, celebrate and support the unsung heroes of mountain biking – the trail builders, advocates and activists who shape our trails and our stoke. Soil Searching’s primary goal is to ensure the health of our trail ecosystem and the future of mountain biking. Learn more here.

The raffle will end at midnight on 15th August. The size of bike can be chosen, subject to availability. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

You can watch Winds of Change by Manon Carpenter here.