Michelin Launch Updated Wild Enduro Racing Line Range.

Michelin have released updated versions of their Wild Enduro Racing Line range claiming the holy grail of better rolling resistance, lighter weight and more grip.

Michelin’s latest offering, the Wild Enduro Racing Line range, claims to have happened upon the magic formula.

Based around a dual-ply 55TPI casing and Michelin’s Magi-X rubber compound, three new tyres are available. MS, MH and Rear. The latter should be self-explanatory but MS and MH are Mixed Soft and Mixed Hard, indicating their intended use. The MS and Rear come in 2.4″ only and in both wheel sizes, whilst the MH comes in 2.5″ only.

The Michelin Wild Enduro MS (Mixed Soft) excels on intermediate and soft ground, while the Michelin Wild Enduro MH (Mixed Hard) is at its best on harder surfaces. Both options are available for the front and rear tyres alike.

Michelin’s latest Magi-X compound technology claims enhanced grip in damp, cold conditions (3°C to 10°C) and at the same time reducing “rubber-related energy losses”, putting more of your effort into the dirt. Michelin claim the new range is 10 percent lighter improvements, and third-party tests have shown that the rears saving 30W over the previous versions and the front tyres 20W.

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Michelin has revised the tread pattern of its specific Michelin Wild Enduro Rear Racing Line which addresses riders looking for optimum efficiency.

All the of tyres that make up the new Michelin Wild Enduro Racing Line range are available with either Blue-and-Yellow or Dark sidewall markings, depending on the look preferred by the rider.

Tyres are available now, with the range starting at £79.99 and rising to £89.99.

You can check out the new Michelin Enduro Racing Line range over on their website here.