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Does this count as work?

cy-thumbMet up with Cy from Cotic today for a feature that's going in Issue 9 (nearly finished!). Great blast around the local trails...With my computer going phizzzz and Jamie only just finding his feat in his new house Issue 9 will be with you as soon as we get use to MacOS 10.5 and have unpacked all those boxes!...

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Rich Thomas takes Student Champs Win

bucs-thumbBit of a mental weekend at the UK Bikepark this weekend with Rich Thomas coming away with the win (1:23:70) from Jack Reading in second (1:24:76) and Will Soffe in third (1:26:46).Last year's winner Chris Hutchens struggled with mechanical all weekend, hurt his thumb in bulldog on Saturday night and came 5th....

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First Look: Six Pack Millenium XXL bars and Raptor X stem


A set of SIXPACK XXL Millenium bars and a Raptor X stem landed on my desk this morning which was pretty wicked. The bars are a whopping 760mm wide and look the bomb in flashy white with some nice graphics. Seems everyone was running wide bars last weekend at Wentwood so I'm pretty excited to see what the fuss is about. Maybe also a bit nervous about those narrow trees up our local woods!

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Icebike 2009

I got a rare treat of a day out of the office yesterday to visit Madison HQ for their ICEBIKE trade show. Madi are pretty much the UK's biggest supplier of stuf...
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Wentwood Trophy

Sunday was a big day for Welsh DH with the first ever 'Wentwood Trophy' race and of course the very first event in the Welsh DHMTB Association line up....