Windham World Cup Track Walk

Our buddy Oli Morris is out in ‘Murica for Windham World Cup.

Here’s his rider’s -eye-view of the track from track-walk. How good does this look?!

So we’re back to Windham for the 2nd year in a row after a break in 2013. This is the last year for the foreseeable future and I think the locals are pretty gutted. It does mean they want to put on a great event and they’re calling it a festival to send it off with a bang. Let’s walk through the course to see if it lives up to their festival spirit!

The Windham track is renowned for being flat-out but tight through trees and pretty short for a World Cup. It’s same again this year but they have tried to slow a couple of bits down with a few extra turns.

Top: It starts with a flat pedal out the gate before dropping into the first steep section, slight left turn of a rock drop then hold on tight through some steep turns. You then hit another rock garden before flying out into the open. You’re only in the open for one drop and one turn but it is insanely fast and will be super dusty come race day. Then you’re back into the woods at high speed and down into the graveyard section which is quite steep with more rocks landing into a left turn.

Middle: There’s 3 main sections here with the first being a huge step down that you hit so fast it doesn’t even feel like you are in the air. The second is the whoops, these are the talk of the pits at the moment. They aren’t big but there is enough of them to put you out of shape. I think the photographers will be fighting for a spot on these during practice to catch the carnage! The third main section in the middle is the rock garden. The same as last year, ridden well you will feel smooth, ridden poorly can mean your front wheel gets caught and you are out the front door. Like some top riders last year!

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Bottom: Out into a fast field section hitting a new jump before Peaty’s plunge. Left turn and then a fair sized jump that lands into a left hander with a possible inside line. Sprint over 2 more jumps to the finish.

Overall this is an awesome little track with big features to keep you on your toes. The organisers have named every section as you will see from the photos. They have also named all sections on the xc course which fits their festival spirit and American ways.


It’s going to be an exciting race as times will be stupidly tight. Ride out of your limits and make no mistakes is the answer to this one!