First Look : Airshot Tubeless Inflation System.

Tubeless tyres can be a royal pain the in the ass to get seated and inflated, with a airline usually being the only sure-fire way of getting the job done.

Airshot aim to solve that problem with their tubeless tyre inflation system.

Charge the cylinder with any bike pump and fire a blast of air into your tyre to get that harmonious ping you’re looking for. Can it really be that easy? Pete will be making full use of a more portable form of tubeless inflation over the coming months.Airshot Tubeless Tyre Inflation System Wideopenmag

  • £49.99 RRP. (Airshot have recently knocked £10 off the price)
  • Rated to 160psi.
  • Presta-only (inflates with no valve core also).

For anybody that runs tubeless and doesn’t have access to a compressor, the Airshot is likely the answer to many prayers. A very refined version of the ghetto drinks bottle method, but still simple in its operation, the Airshot runs a track pump attachment and a Presta connector via a simple air valve. Simple, yet effective.Airshot Tubeless Tyre Inflation System Wideopenmag

Arguably the biggest competitor to the Airshot is the Bontrager Flash Charger Pump, a track pump that has a pressurised container for seating tubeless tyres. This pump is twice the price of the Airshot though, and most people already have a pump. The Airshot therefore is a no-brainer.

Pete’s looking forward to streamlining the tubeless seating process and will bring you a full review in the very near future. Check out Airshot’s website for full details.