Greg Minnaar Misses Qualifying for The First Time in Over Two Decades.

Greg Minnaar misses qualifying for the first time in twenty two years of downhill racing and over one hundred World Cups.

Greg Minnaar misses qualifying in Maribor and he might well be bummed about not making qualifying for the first time in his World Cup career spanning a full two decades, plus the change (Stellenbosch was his first World Cup way back in 1997) but it highlights what an amazing racer he is.

It is a  truly mind-boggling feat that we were doing some mad fact-checking about as we couldn’t quite believe it ourselves. Greg’s consistency is out of this world. That’s one race in 130 World Cups since 1997 (according to Roots and Rain) that Greg has missed out on. That isn’t counting 22 World Championships either…

Other riders who have bagged World Cup glory in the past that missed the cut in Slovenia are Phil Atwill, Greg Williamson, Thomas Estaque, Kade Edwards, and Florent Payet.

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