Team Wideopenmag’s Christo Gallagher Lands a Top 50 EWS Result.

Team Wideopenmag’s Christo Gallagher pulled a blinder and landed himself firmly in the sharp end of Enduro World Series racing in Madeira.

While it might not be the first time of asking, were pretty stoked for Team Wideopenmag’s Christo Gallagher who found his pace and slowly chipped away at the massive two days of racing at round three of the 2019 Enduro World Series.

Photos by Chris Hutchens.

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So Christo, a top 50 at an EWS, how does that feel?

Aye, it’s no bad. Not the first time and hopefully not the last. Pretty cool to pull some consistent top 50 stage times on the second day of racing, just really should’ve got my head in the game for the first two stages of racing.

Did you prepare any differently for Madeira than you would for any other big race?

Yeah, I got injured, did nothing for two weeks, went to a UK national and rode pretty average, had 4 hours sleep, got on a flight to Madeira and then worked remotely until practice started.

I don’t usually do it exactly like that. To be honest, my preparation varies so much depending on work and travel arrangements I don’t have much opportunity to be consistent.

How hard is it to balance enough practice with being fresh for two days of racing?

Well they made it nice and easy at the EWS by only allowing you to do one run of each stage in practice, so generally feel pretty good. That isn’t always the case though.

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It has mentioned this might be one of the toughest EWS races to date, would you agree with that?

To be honest, I thought this EWS was a really nice level. It had some scary stuff, some jumps, some sketchy stuff and some good turns. It wasn’t too long and it wasn’t too short. It definitely wasn’t the toughest, but nobody really enjoyed feeling like the course was out to get them last year.

It looked lovely and dry, but did that throw up a heap of other challenges?

Yeah, I’d never rode anything as dry as stages 1 and 4, which meant I rode a bit slow. I prefer slippery, muddy ruts instead of dry, powdery ones I reckon.

How hard is it essentially being a privateer at an Enduro World Series?

Well, it’s quite a big difference from being a pro. I basically pray nothing breaks on my bike, whilst I do work in the evening for the day job during the practice days. So instead of relaxing and watching GoPro runs, I tend to be working.

Built On Baggies

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Your stage positions showed you started to spin the turbo towards the end of the day, did you plan to do that or do you think you just had more left in the legs by then?

I just really didn’t feel comfy on stages 1,2 and 4, but the rest were dreamy. So I was just riding nice and comfy from then on really.

What was your favourite stage?

Weirdly my favourite stage was stage 3/8 (it was the same stage) because no one else seemed to be loving it, but to be honest, 5,6 and 7 were all awesome as well.

Favourite moment from the weekend?

Enjoying that post-race feeling, when you are pretty knackered and no longer need to worry about the race anymore.

Any funny/weird moments?

None that are suitable for publishing.

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Did you go full send on the Bruni Gamble line?

The jumps were a real treat for an enduro race, but the dusty ruts gave me the fear.

Did Hutchens eat all your food?

Nah, I barely eat anyways. Got a wee stomach I do.

Any disasters?

Just the meal after the race. Really chose the wrong option there. It was disgusting. The place specialised in lots of different types of fish, and it really didn’t go down well at all.

How tough is it lugging a bike bag through an airport after a race like this?

A smart man once told me to put my bike bag on a trolley, so it’s no qualms.

You can keep tabs on Christo’s racing and adventures over on his Instagram feed here.

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