Merida’s Triangle Active Freeride Shorts Review

Lightweight and comfy, Merida’s Triangle Active/Freeride shorts are a little different to what we would normally see.

Time to check out how they stack up.


  • 78% Polyamid/22% Elasthan
  • Sizes XS to 3XL
  • £49.99

The not so catchily named Merida Shorts Triangle Active/Freeride shorts arrived with us over the summer and have been, for the most part, a very welcome addition to the collection.

The Triangle shorts are lightweight and comfortable with a pleasing stretch to the material that means they never feel restrictive. The waistband uses a popper and second ‘hook’ which keeps them securely in place and, to date, they’ve never popped open or created any embarrassing pants-down moments. The waist is adjusted with simple but secure velcro and again, they’ve never caused any problems or been anything less than super comfortable.

The mixed-bag that will divide riders is the fit of the Triangle shorts. They’re designed to be a relatively close cut, a kind of ‘baggy but not too baggy’ sort of affair. They sit just above the knee and hug your legs more closely than, for example, the shorts in the recent collection of our favourite mountain bike shorts.

They’re far from clingy or tight fit – but feel like a nice middle-ground between lycra and full baggy. Riders in knee pads will almost certainly experience the dreaded T-Gap.

Another restriction of Merida’s shorts is the pockets. The slippy material and lack of fasteners mean items can easily jump out. They’re fine for, for example, somewhere to chuck your phone whilst driving to the trails but won’t offer much security when you’re moving around. I doubt that’s a huge issue for most, right?

We think:

Whilst the Merida Triangle Active/Freeride shorts might not suit everyone, they are super comfortable, very lightweight and very pleasant to wear.

They’re very comfortable on the bike and feel perfect for pedaly trail rides and jaunts on the gravel bike where knee pads aren’t required. They’ve also fast become an everyday favourite for doing jobs around the house, a spot of DIY and general running around. They’re great for the gym too, if that’s your thing.

We like:

  • Very comfortable, light and unrestrictive
  • The cut is a nice change from heavy, baggy shorts
  • Simple, no-fuss looks
  • Great for wearing off the bike too

Could do better:

  • A bit short for wearing with knee pads
  • Will make baggy shorts die-hards sad

You can view Merida’s Triangle Active/Freeride shorts here on their website.